sneak peek from 50 shades of gray!!


sneak peek from 50 shades of gray!!

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god bless sdcc

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I’ve been waiting so long to find this.


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George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

"Another scene I remember now as an adult is every morning at school we started the day with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag…there was the American flag flying over the camp but I could also see the barbed wire fence and the sentry towers pointing at us from my schoolhouse window as I recited the words ‘With liberty and justice for all’." - George Takei, The Daily Show (July 24, 2014). 

Full Episode (apologies, The Daily Show website does not have the best video player). 

To Be Takei documentary official website. 

- Mod Dawes Sr. 

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Self-taught chef Rhiannon over at Cakecrumbs has been working on a fun series of planetary cakes that are designed to be scientifically accurate with different types of cake representing various layers within Earth and Jupiter.

(This Is Colossal.)

Her cake game is strong.

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“Wonder Woman is there to kick ass not give you a boner” — favorite response to some dude saying the Wonder Woman costume isn’t sexy enough on Facebook (via agentturner)

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Avengers Rise of the fangirls


Avengers Rise of the fangirls

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i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill

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